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F-16 vs F/A-18 - From a Pilot's Perspective

One of the questions that is pretty common among aviation enthusiasts is the old "which aircraft is better". There are some that are obvious - like the A-10's ability to perform Close Air Support and the F-22's unmatched air superiority - but for multirole fighters like the F/A-18 and the F-16 there's not necessarily a clear-cut winner.

Defense Secretary: All Jobs Open to Women

women in combat

Starting in January, Defense Secretary Carter announced Thursday, all military jobs in all branches will be open and available to women. Carter said that his decision to open all jobs to women was shared by the secretaries of the Navy, Army and Air Force and the commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command. Only one military leader, Gen. Joseph Dunford - then the Marine Corps Commandant, now Chairman of the Joint Chiefs - recommended keeping some positions closed to women.

More Contractor Fraud for Navy, Coast Guard

The Justice Department has filed a formal complaint against Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS), claiming that the company inflated invoices and double billed for their sewage removal service, as well as engaging in kickbacks, and "improper monetary arrangements" with the Navy officials.

The State of the US Carrier Force

The United States Navy's carrier force has been quite busy over the past few months, especially since they have been one carrier short since 2012, when the USS Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered US carrier, was taken out of service. Here are two of the major developments over the past few months:

360 Degree Cockpit Video of the Blue Angels - Awesome!

We've seen several videos of the Blue Angel's taken from inside the cockpit, but this the first time that we've been able to look wherever we want during the flight!

This video, taken with 360 degree camera technology, means that you can pan around on the Chrome browser (using the arrows in the top left of the video) looking wherever you want throughout the video. If you have the Youtube app on your phone, you can just move the phone to look around!

US Draws Line in the Ocean with China

It appears that the recent tension with China over the sail-by of the guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen near the Subi Reef was very carefully chosen in order to send a strong message about their over-reaching claims in the South China Sea without fear of escalation.

24-Hour Watch a Hit on Subs

It looks like the 18-hour watch is slowly becoming a thing of the past in the US Navy submarine fleet - the crew of the Los Angeles-class USS Providence recently returned from a 6-month deployment where a new 24-hour watch schedule got great feedback from the crew and commanders.

Gender Equality = Women Registering for Draft?

The push for gender equality in all branches of the US military will likely mean that women will have to register for the draft, according to Army Secretary John McHugh. Currently just males 18-25 have to register for the Selective Services System, an independent government agency. Failure to register is a felony and can limit access to things like student loans and government jobs.

A New F-35 Problem For This Week

According to a report released by it looks like the F-35 may be much more dangerous for some pilots than others.

Navy Top News Stories

Military downsizing? A small defense firm bucks the trend

Zel Technologies received a $165 million contract from the Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Agency (JIDA). The company will put its scientists and engineers to work developing strategies against the improvised explosive device (IED), the longstanding weapon of choice for insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.
1 hour 20 min ago

Obama approves naming port after El Paso war hero

With the president's signature now on paper, the Tornillo port of entry will officially be named after a highly decorated World War I veteran from El Paso: U.S. Army Pvt. Marcelino Serna.
1 hour 35 min ago

Navy improves kickoff coverage unit that was a weakness last season

Navy had trouble covering kickoffs last season. Opponents averaged 23.1 yards per return and broke a few long ones.
2 hours 14 min ago

U-2 pilot remembered at Beale: 'Shooter' Eadie funny, thoughtful, loyal

Words of remembrance echoed through an overflow crowd in Hangar I-8 on the flightline of Beale Air Force Base on Thursday. Family and friends said goodbye to Lt. Col. Steve "Shooter" Eadie, one of six evaluator pilots who interviewed and trained new U-2 pilots and served as the assistant director of operations for the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron.
2 hours 34 min ago

Hispanic American military service dates way back to Revolutionary War

The contributions that Hispanic Americans have made to the U.S. military were celebrated with Latin flair on Thursday at Fort Benning.
2 hours 50 min ago